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Engineered analytical solutions for challenging monitoring applications.

Cemtek is a leading supplier of high precision, robust gas analyzers for a wide range of monitoring applications. Their focus is on engineering high precision, low maintenance systems for measuring a variety of gasses utilizing Cavity Ring-down Laser analyzers, Chemiluminescence NOx analyzers, IR CO & CO2 and NDUV SO2 analyzers and several other technologies.

  • Cemtek Instruments Products
  • SCR inlet NOx Analyzer – Compact Dilution Monitoring System
  • SCR Outlet NH3 Analyzer – Compact Cavity Ring-Down laser Analyzer
  • Stack & Process HCl Analyzer – Cavity Ring-Down Laser Analyzer
  • SO3 Emissions Analyzer – Cavity Ring-Down Analyzer
  • H2S for Pipeline Gas Monitoring – Hazardous Area Cavity-Ring-Down Analyzer System.
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